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New Choices For Conyers: A look at multi-generational living

Nov 22, 2013

On the evening of Thursday, November 7, dozens of people gathered at Corner Market for the first of a series of discussions to look at trends relevant to the area and to contemplate new choices for Conyers. The conversation was framed by Dr. Phil Stafford, Director of the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community’s Center on Aging and Community at Indiana University.

Dr. Stafford is the author of Elderburbia: Aging with a Sense of Place in America and offered his perspective on multi-generational communities before joining a panel discussion that included Conyers City Council Member Dr. John Fountain, Covington Planner Randy Vinson and Four A’s David Roper.

Dr. Stafford noted that our communities have typically – and unfortunately – evolved to segregate aging people from young people in much the same way that most American towns and cities have fragmented communities into silos that separate housing and neighboorhoods from working, schools and shopping. Dr. Stafford, instead, advocates creating livable places for all ages — a vision we share for our planned, mixed-use development.

In much the same way that we at Four A look to put retail and businesses in close proximity to homes, we look to cultivate a neighborhood that appeals to all ages -– a new place where young professionals, growing families and downsizing empty-nesters can all find a place to call home. After all, the best communities and small towns are made up of people in various stages of their lives.

New Choices for Conyers welcomes your thoughts about shaping communities for multiple generations to thrive together – in part because they live together in the same community.  We will soon announce future topics for these quarterly discussions.

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    We're long-time land owners here in Conyers and are looking to develop our property, just south of I-20, along Iris Drive and Johnson Road.

    We've waited a long time to take this step because we believe the special nature of our property -- and of Conyers itself -- calls for something more than just everyday development. Something that, instead, celebrates the land's natural features and maximizes our opportunities to provide new, market-responsive choices for Conyers.

    Our approach is simple: What's good for Conyers is good for us. We thrive together.

    Can we create a new place where young professionals, growing families and downsizing empty-nesters can all find a place to call home? A true community in every sense of the word?

    We're convinced we can. And we believe that including you in the process is how we're going to get there.

    Welcome. Have a look around and check back often for ongoing updates as we move our way from design through to implementation.