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Coming Soon: A fresh take
on healthy community

Jun 20, 2012

Watch this space. The strongest ideas from a two-day design workshop in Conyers are being refined into a proposal for a new mixed-use community on 315 acres just off Exit 80 on I-20 East.

The inspiration for the plan is drawn from the unique site and from a commitment to key principles likely to distinguish the homes, offices and shopping options from just about anything else in the region. High on that list of principles is a determination to make the most of new design approaches that support healthy living.

Plans for healthy community amenities are already accelerated by a proposal from the Metro Atlanta YMCA to locate a new facility, potentially the largest in the region, on the site. It will be a centerpiece of the plan, and occupied a prime location in each of the multiple design scenarios discussed by the team in the closing hours of the June 18-20 design workshop. (Click any thumbnail below for a slide show of the day’s images.)

What are the next steps?

After the June 18-20 brainstorming, the development team is hard at work combining the best ideas from the workshop into a proposal that can go before the public and officials in Conyers and Rockdale County. In the video below, get the overview from the principles on the development team.

We’ll report every stage of the process in these web pages. You can also follow all the steps that led to this point by reading the posts prior to this one. Start at the bottom if you want to follow the process in chronological order.

The big picture stuff is in the column to the immediate right. And there’s a single-page FAQ and map showing the site here.

You can get a sense of the excitement this effort has already generated by checking out comments in the initial post and video here. And you’ll see what the local media are saying here.

Below, we welcome comments and questions, with the usual reminders to be civil and on-topic. And if want to talk to someone in person, go here.

Thanks for your interest so far. And please keep in touch. We’re excited to see this important plan move forward.

2 Responses to “Coming Soon: A fresh take
on healthy community”

  1. First I have heard of this, as I and my husband are working tirelessly on our business in Olde Town. Just wanted to say Bravo! I am in complete agreement with your project. I do believe that Conyers can and will be a great force on the map. With you and your team investing in our future I will be watching and supportive thru out.

    • Jackie Benson says:

      Thank you for your comments. We are trying hard to make this a reality and we wish you the best as you develop your business! Sign up on our Contact Page to receive future emails and updates.

      Jackie Benson

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    We're long-time land owners here in Conyers and are looking to develop our property, just south of I-20, along Iris Drive and Johnson Road.

    We've waited a long time to take this step because we believe the special nature of our property -- and of Conyers itself -- calls for something more than just everyday development. Something that, instead, celebrates the land's natural features and maximizes our opportunities to provide new, market-responsive choices for Conyers.

    Our approach is simple: What's good for Conyers is good for us. We thrive together.

    Can we create a new place where young professionals, growing families and downsizing empty-nesters can all find a place to call home? A true community in every sense of the word?

    We're convinced we can. And we believe that including you in the process is how we're going to get there.

    Welcome. Have a look around and check back often for ongoing updates as we move our way from design through to implementation.